About Us

Who are we behind Artemiz Shop?

It’s simple that we’re big fans of collectibles, Collectibles Toys, pop culture, Funko Pop, statues and others. If you want to talk about the universe of DC or Marvel, we are at your service, you can go to our social networks.

When we started on this odyssey?
Well I can tell you easily on 07/25/2018 and it is easy to remember because it is our Ceo’s birthday

Why do we sell collectibles and not shoes or cars?

Our Team decided on these products because they are very Geek and Nerd. Mainly Our Ceo (seriously it is very Geek). Since we were little we always get excited with the Super Heroes like Batma or Capitan America (Batman is better but it’s a secret )

And about the series of game of throne that think?

Absolutely addictive are the drug of our day, please do not spoiler in the comments of the blog and products since although other users do not see the spoilers us if we can see it 🙁

Who is the goddess below?

It is our corporate mascot that is beautiful

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