DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Statue

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.Mother, I have learned from the enemy that seeks to purge the Earth, from appalling apparatuses that cause nothing more than bloodshed. Honeycombs that fire metal wasps, stone chests that throw tongues of fire: huge turtles that crush entire forests in their path and a tyrant with a symbol, red and black, like a nest of thorns. This is the war as Earth never knew it, and what are the Amazons, if not their best warriors?

– Wonder Woman

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About DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Statue

DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Statue arrives at the legendary Amazons warrior Diana. This DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Statue comes super stylized and with great detail. Diana comes over a defeated Nazi tank. You can more detailed the figure in the photo.The details of DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Statue are in the tab of additional information.

About Bombshell Wonder Woman.

This is a version of Wonder Woman of an alternative universe
Diana, is an adventurer born with heroic spirit. After knowing about the world war that was happening beyond the shores of Paradise Island. She tried to train more and lead her Amazon sisters in support of the Allies against the Axis.
While the war is becoming widespread in Europe, the air battalions fight through Themyscira, on the Greek coasts. Launching some bombs that arrive on the island and kill many Amazons. When another incursion was provoked on the island, Diana leads an Amazon flight over griffin to end both squadrons.
Resisting the attack of the Amazon, Steve Trevor arrives on the shores of the island and is helped by Diana as he tells him about the war against Nazi Germany. Hopeful that the Amazons offer their help to end the war. Diana tries to persuade her mother to join the United States, but Hipolita refuses completely to implicate the Amazons.

Wonder woman in the war

Convinced that helping and helping was the right thing, Diana reaches an agreement with Mera; which sought adventures, emotions and romance more distant from the Kingdom of Atlantis, where he says he is nothing more than a secondary native without prospects, and rescues Steve from his confinement, thus transporting the treasures of the golden tiara and gauntlets to thus support his mission.
Upon reaching the Peloponnese coast, Diana demands the Nazi battalion surrender just as General Samson Lane’s squad arrives on the scene. Noticing the powers of Diana and Mera, send a letter to Commander Amanda Waller to get more members for her Bombshell group.
Waller sends Mera to help the Navy and Diana stays to help the squad. The men begin to use Diana as a symbol of victory, naming their Wonder Woman. However, when she opposes the execution of Nazi prisoners, General Lane sends her to prison. But Diana easily breaks out and and Steve Trevor flee.

Diana after escaping

Thus, fleeing her prison with Steve Trevor, Diana stumbles upon one of the first Nazi tenebrae forces led by Baroness Paula von Gunther. Meanwhile he manages to protect himself from the Baroness and his forces. Diana becomes aware of his stratagem to invade Britain and goes with Steve Trevor to join the other Bombshells in the custody of London of the combined powers of the Baroness, Edward Nygma , King Nereus and Edel Nacht.


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