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Battle the Demogorgon and travel to the Upside Down! Your favorite character from the Netflix series Stranger Things has been stylized as a Pop! Vinyl Figure. This figure comes packaged in a window display box. You can earn a Funko pop chase at the normal price courtesy of the store

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About the Funko Demogorgon

This Funko Demogorgon is about the series of strange things about netflix, which is the main antagonist of the first season. The Funko Demogorgon comes packaged in a window display box. This fantastic Funko Demogorgon comes with a variation chase which you can have for the standard price

About the Demogorgon

The demogorgon is a predatory humanoid creature that lived in the parallel dimension known as the world upside down

As one of the experiments of the Hawkins National Laboratory was tested with this subject who had psychic powers, then he was placed in a tank of sensory deprivation. This allowed me to deepen into a much deeper psychic state. Even though Eleven successfully listened to a Russian agent as instructed, he unwittingly encountered the Monster. His instincts urged him to stay away from him; She got scared and the experiment was aborted

How did I appear in our world?

Dr. Martin repeated the experiment in 1983. This time he ordered Eleven to make contact. Every time he came closer, I could see him feeding on an egg from another world. With great indecision, he made contact. A door to the dimension of the monster opened on the wall of the tank room, allowing the monster to pass. Eleven was able to get out of the tank and escape from the laboratory amid the confusion that followed. A scientist without a name was not so lucky; The Monster took it while trying to operate an elevator.


The monster is tall and thin with a humanoid figure. It has no facial features and opens like a flower to reveal only teeth. His feet and hands have claws, and his skin seems to be covered with liquids.

After being burned by Nancy, Jonathan and Steve, the body of the Monster was covered with multiple burns.


The behavior of the beast is predictable, compared to a typical predator. This had tendencies to hunt at night and with a solitary nature similar to that of a bear. He had great capacity to detect blood, this ability being very powerful compared to that of a shark. In spite of being one of the most notorious abilities, he also had high hearing ability because he recognized any sound, even in another dimension.

This Monster had the ability to travel between several dimensions, although this required a lot of energy much more than any human would have been able to create, that is, that this Monster must have handled a large amount of energy. For this reason every time it was transported, the lights were turned off and on constantly. This Monster was extremely

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