Funko Eleven Elevated


From Netflix’s Stranger Things comes a stylized vinyl figure of Eleven from Season 2!. This Funko Eleven Elevated is about the Netflix series Stranger Things .The Funko Comes packaged in a window display box.




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About Funko Eleven Elevated

This Funko Eleven Elevated deals with the Netflix series Stranger Things .The Funko Comes packaged in a window display box. It also comes with a fully transparent support

Eleven Stranger Think

Eleven is a girl with mental or psychic skills or abilities and a limited vocabulary. This is possibly due to living almost his whole life isolated in a laboratory without approach or contact with other individuals (except for the scientists who study his exceptional and original power) and at the same time being mistreated by Dr. Brenner, in charge of the laboratory and who of a certain way was the only thing he saw as his only father figure. Her true identity is Jane, biological daughter of Terry Ives. She was exposed to various drugs during pregnancy, and that is why this development psychic powers. All these skills that she presents seem to weaken her physically, since every time she uses too much power, she bleeds a bit through the nose weakening her energy.

Powers and abilities

Telekinesis: Has the ability to move objects with the mind. Anger and anger are able to increase this power, being able on occasion to blow up a van or any heavy object.

Biokinesis: This is the ability to control organic matter and living things, such as causing muscle paralysis, crushing the brain of several people and even dismantling the monster of the first season (being sent to the world upside down in the process).

Clairvoyance: ability to know where a person is with only a photograph, but also seems to be able to do it with objects. When she looks for someone, she sees that she is in an empty space with water on the floor and that person or object or whatever it is she is looking for. To use it you need to use a sensory deprivation tank.

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Stranger Things

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