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Funko Eleven with Eggos


From Netflix’s Stranger Things comes a stylized vinyl figure of Eleven from Season 2!. This Funko Eleven with Eggos is about the Netflix series Stranger Things .The Funko Comes packaged in a window display box.The funko comes with a chase variation which you can randomly obtain.
Note: If you want the standard version you can send an email to the support.


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About Funko Eleven with Eggos

This Funko Pop has a Chase variation, which is shown in the photo, which will be sold randomly. This Funko Eleven with Eggos recreates the later scene that begins where after his escape from the Laboratory, is found in the forest by Mike, Dustin and Lucas. Mike takes her home and feeds her every day, often offering Eggos for breakfast. She becomes fond of little by little with her friends and becomes fond of the Eggos.
This causes him to later enter a local supermarket in search of food. There he walks through all the shelves, until he finds what he really wanted, which was Eggos’ frozen box. When she tries to leave, an employee tells her furiously that she has to pay for the waffles. Eleven gets into a rage and this leads her to destroy the shop windows. Later he sits in the forest to eat his Eggos quietly.

About Eleven

Eleven have lived for a long time in a laboratory being mistreated by Dr. Brenner, which is the only thing he has seen as a father figure. She is a young girl with psychic and mental abilities and a poor vocabulary due to her isolation. Her mother in her pregnancy was exposed to several drugs. Maybe that’s why Eleven has developed all these special and psychic powers. When using too much power, it bleeds a bit through the nose, and this weakens it physically, due to the high energy consumption.
It has the power to move objects with the mind (telekinesis). This power is increased when he gets angry, being able sometimes to raise a van and move a wagon or any heavy object. It has the ability to control living beings, causing paralysis (biokinesis) and is clairvoyant, that is, it has the ability to know where a person or object is located just by looking at the photograph. It can alter the compasses, and it carries with it the ability to project the voice.

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