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A second collection of Harry Potter arrives and the secret chamber are 7 Pop figures! This Funko Pop! Harry Potter Herbology. This Funko comes packaged in a window display box.

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About Funko Harry Potter Herbology

Funko Harry Potter Herbology is about the movie and J. K. Rowling’s novel called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The Funko Harry Potter Herbology come in a packaged  window display box. 

Harry in the Secret Chamber

Harry Potter and the secret chamber, also called Harry Potter 2. This is developed in the second year of Harry Potter in the Hogwarts School of Magic and Sorcery. In this year, a chain of messages appears on the walls of the school’s corridors, indicating that the Chamber of Secrets has reopened and that all students who do not descend from families with magical blood should be murdered. These threats begin to be fulfilled leaving the students of the school “petrified”. Something similar had happened years ago, which leads the protagonist to learn more about the story of his greatest enemy, Lord Voldemort, who had murdered his parents when he was a baby. Harry had been warned of all this in the first year vacations by a house elf who appears in Harry’s room, named Dobby, ignoring what the elf warned him.

On Halloween night, Harry begins to hear voices on the walls of the castle and see messages on the walls, and begins to fear for his friend Hermione, as this has no magic blood. Then several petrified school inhabitants begin to appear. The ghost of Myrtle the weeping woman who was murdered the last time the Chamber opened, shows Harry a diary that despite being blank, is able to answer all his questions.
Four months after what happened, the newspaper is mysteriously stolen and, shortly after, Hermione suffers petrifaction. Harry and Ron find a note in the hand of this, which explains why Harry is the only one who heard the voices, and is that he is able to speak a language called parsel, which is the language of snakes. This monster is the one that travels through the school pipes. Meanwhile the attacks continue and the governors of the school suspend to Dumbledore of its position of director.


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