Funko Pop it

Funko It with Leg Spider


From the 2018 version of Stephen King’s It comes a stylized vinyl figure of Pennywise ( whit spider leg ) . This It Pennywise Pop! Vinyl . Comes packaged in a window display box

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Funko It with Leg Spider

Funko It with Leg Spider, In the novel, it is an eternal entity that can shape change and change of forms. After arriving on Earth, he sleeps approximately 27 to 30 years at a time, then wakes up to cause chaos and feed (mainly on the fear of children). It can take many more forms than the adaptations of the film represent, including werewolves, bats, leeches and sharks. It could incorporate any of a child’s worst fears.
Giant Spider, which is the true physical form of IT on Earth but a certain science does not know the true form of pennywise. In the 90s miniseries, it appears as a spider / crab monster.

Funko Pop it, Pennywise the clown

This vinyl figure’s name is enough to tell you that you are about to encounter a pretty scary character. This toy is available in limited edition and will certainly be a key piece in completing your horror collection.

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