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From the 2018 version of Stephen King’s It comes a stylized vinyl figure of Mike! This It Mike Pop! Vinyl . Comes packaged in a window display box

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About who Funko Mike IT is.

Michael ‘Mike’ Hanlon was the last of the seven members to join The Losers’ Club. He joins the loser and befriends Bill Denbrough, Beverly Marsh, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Stan Uris and Ben Hanscom. Mike is the most hated boy in Derry by Henry Bowers, who is hate this hatred parallel to his father towards Mike’s father. Henry terrifies Mike when he has a chance, and poisoned Mike’s dog, Mr. Chips. While being chased by Henry and his friends. Mike is finally trapped in a gravel pit. He tries to contain Henry, but the bully throws him an M-80. The Losers Club comes to its rescue and knows it as the apocalyptic rock fight. The defeated neighbors to the gang of Henry and Mike became a member of their group. He brings his father’s photo album to the Barrens to show his new friends who have stayed in the old photos, which shows that he has been part of Derry for a long time.

Mike Hanlon in 1985

Mike is the only one of the losers who stays in Derry. Therefore, the only one who keeps his memory of the events of 1958 and becomes the librarian of the city. He remembered the rest when the murders started again in 1985. His father kept an album full of photos that were important to Derry’s story, including several from Pennywise the Clown. Through the knowledge he acquires from Derry and It, he becomes an amateur historian of the city. He is seriously injured by Henry Bowers and almost died. Mike is not part of the final battle against YOU because of his injuries. He is almost killed by a man who was under IT control while he was in the hospital. Later he recovers from his wounds, but, like the others, begins to lose the memory of the experience.

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