Funko Nearly Headless Nick Blue Translucent


A second collection of Harry Potter arrives and the camera of the secrets are 7 Pop figures! This Funko Pop! Headless Nick Blue Translucent. It comes packaged in a window display box.

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About Funko Nearly Headless Nick

This Funko Nearly Headless Nick is about the movie and J. K. Rowling’s novel called Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The Funko Nearly Headless Nick come in a packaged  window display box. This fantastic Funko Nearly Headless Nick comes with a translucent form.

About the character Nick

Sir Nicholas of Mimsy-Porpington, famous after his death as Nick Almost Decapitated. Nick was a magician who attended the Hogwarts School of Magic and was selected in the Gryffindor house. He was a magician of the royal court when he lived. Nicholas was executed by decapitation, later that he had a magical accident with Lady Grieve. He tried to straighten Lady Grieve’s teeth but it came out the other way round and the canines grew. Sir Nicholas was then arrested and sentenced to death for having made this mistake. Before detaining him in a cell, they removed his wand and thus made it impossible for him to use magic to escape. Throughout the night, he kept shouting that he would soon remedy the damage inflicted on Lady Grieve.

A parish priest went to Sir Nicholas’s cell to comfort him and follow him to the execution of the next day. It became a “calamity” when the executioner told him to prostrate before the stable. However, the ax of the executioner was blunt, and this did not have enough edge because the sharpening stone used in these tasks had been lost. Therefore, forty-five hacks were required to kill Sir Nicholas and, even so, his head was not completely torn off, since that date, he is the resident ghost of the Gryffindor Tower at Hogwarts Castle.

Physical appearance

Sir Nicholas shows his partially cut neck and hangs his head to the side.
His color is white, pearly and semitransparent, wearing a festive costume with a particularly large ruffia that ensures that his head does not wobble as much.
His hair was long and curly.
He had a preference for hats with unique feathers for the great and striking, almost extravagant.
Nicholas also wore a goatee and a small mustache.
He behaved in an archaic way and spoke in a fresh and polite tone.
As a ghost he is affectionate, cordial and affable and always ready to help Harry Potter and other Gryffindor companions when they need it.
During his life he liked to eat, and after his death he watched food with great melancholy.


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