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Funko Pennywise with boat


It’s a great funko on Pennywise (with boat). This funko is totally faithful to the movie giving something more cute but without removing the terrifying.

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Abou Funko Pennywise with boat

The most fearsome clown in the history of horror movies has been personified in a Funko Pennywise with boat. The killer and demented clown looks perfect to form with his scary teeth, his strange eyebrows and his fearsome clown costume. The Funko comes packaged in a window display box

About Pennywise

It is referred to as IT. It is a being that changes shape and is billions of years old. Despite having lived on Earth, it originated in a dimension known as the Macroverse. In this way, due to their shape-shifting abilities, which make their species and true name unknown, and because they do not know their real identity, that is why it is called IT.


It has abilities that allow it to transform into any object, animal or person, or combinations thereof. This allows you to deceive your target, resembling your loved ones or friends and thus attract them. Otherwise it may be the fear of the objective. However, his favorite form is that of a circus artist called Pennywise the Dancing Clown.
Its main objective is to feed on humans, choosing mainly children, since they are easier to manipulate than adults. No one knows his true form.

Objectives of Pennywise

Its main objective within its actions is that Pennywise eats for its own satisfaction and conservation, then remains dormant for 27 years. It is a deadly devastating that above all things seeks food. Its only goals are to eat and sleep.
Their preference is to scare and provoke their prey, before killing them. He is very skilled psychologically, since he knows that emotional weaknesses stimulate each dam. Pennywise is also very manipulative, even though he has a wild mind and acts instinctively, since he is capable of doing anything to achieve his goal.
He is able to control minds, because he keeps adults in control, where they do not seem to care about children who mysteriously disappear in the city. In turn they are not interested when something really frightening or cruel happens, it is as if they ignore everything that happens. Pennywise feels completely superior to everyone.

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