Buy your favorite Funko Pop Dunharrow King # 633 from the Movie & Book : Lord of the Rings Vinyl Figure, Toy Multicolor, Action Figures.

Funko Pop Dunharrow King


  • New in the box.
  • Funko figure stylized on vinyl.
  • Number 633 from the Collection dedicated to: Lord of the Rings.
  • Exact and concrete details of the character, multicolored figure.
  • Presentation in a cardboard box decorated with a viewing window that allows.
  • On Backorder


About Funko Pop Dunharrow King

The satisfaction for the lovers of the epic trilogy Lord of the Rings, to obtain his complete collection of Funko. Here is represented Dunharrow King, men who refused to fulfill their promise to help Isildur in his war against Sauron, they worshiped the Dark Lord and as punishment were cursed to have no peace or rest until they fulfilled their oath on his order or the of his heirs. Therefore, their spirits wandered, and appeared only in times of trouble or death. The Men of the Host of the Shadow seemed to be gray tones; some still rode ghostly horses, but they all moved at the same speed. They carried swords, spears and banners, and answered a call with their own horns. However, they did not need weapons because their main weapon is the fear they transmitted.This Dunharrow King Funko Pop comes in a cardboard box decorated with a viewing window.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 6 in



Dunharrow King




Lord of the Rings Universe

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Funko Pop!




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