Buy your favorite Funko Pop Keith # 474 from the Series : Voltron Legendary Defender Vinyl Figure, Toy Multicolor, Action Figures

Funko Pop Keith


  • Condition: New in the box.
  • Funko figure stylized on vinyl.
  • Number 474 from the Collection dedicated to: Voltron Legendary Defender.
  • Exact and concrete details of the character, multicolored figure.
  • Presentation in a cardboard box decorated with a viewing window that allows.

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About Funko Pop Keith

Satisfaction for lovers of Voltron animations or Legendary Defender to obtain their complete Funko collection. In this new series, 5 pilots will join to pilot the Lions Mecha and train Voltron in order to save the galaxy from the evil emperor Zarkon
Keith is the current champion of Voltron’s Red Lion. A boy with a beautiful face, a few words and a great spark, Keith is a lonely and rebellious attractive by nature, which resulted in his expulsion from the Garrison Academy. He is also impulsive and temperamental, a man of action, who challenges danger and who sometimes forgets that patience is necessary in the fulfillment of duty. This Keith Funko Pop comes in a cardboard box decorated with a viewing window.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 6 in







Voltron Universe

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Funko Pop!




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