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Funko Pop Snowball


This Funko Snowball by Rick and Morty comes with a stylized finish perfect for any fan of Rick and Morty. This Funko Snowball comes packaged in a window display box.

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About Funko Pop Snowball

This Funko Pop Snowball by Rick and Morty comes with a stylized finish perfect for any fan of Rick and Morty. This Funko Pop Snowball comes packaged in a window display box.


About Snowball

Snowball, is the dog of the series of Rick and Morty, appeared in a single episode, this was owned by Morty. It was a small puppy dog, fluffy and white-haired, with bright black eyes and a tiny but bright and black nose too. Wear a blue necklace with a circular silver tag. We do not really know what dog breed it is. He is a playful, kind dog, although a little silly since he had problems to train in the bathroom until Rick, at Jerry’s request, invents a helmet that helps him improve his IQ.


Snowball becomes smart

In essence it is the pet of the Smith family, which was initially urinated on the carpet. After they put the helmet on, this makes him smart enough to reason what he was told to do. Therefore, as he becomes more and more intelligent, he realizes how humans have been treating him, so he transforms his helmet to be able to communicate with them. His temper changes completely. It becomes a cruel and hard dog to learn of the mistreatment of humans to their race, and in turn, creates an army of dogs to dominate the world. In particular, the only one who has always treated him with love and affection has been Morty


Snowball is revealed against humans

Snowball continues to improve and learn more, including, finally, the and many more dogs, take control and treat the Smith family as their own pets, chaining Jerry, Beth and Summer in the backyard. It is where the name of “Snuffles” is changed to “Snowball”. However, when Morty returned from an affair in which he was with his grandfather, he concludes that he can not hurt the only human who truly loves him.
He decides to abandon that dimension, since he realizes that he would not like dogs to be as cruel as humans. He leaves after sharing a hug with many tears with Morty.
Following this, Snowball more would never be seen only will be perceived from that moment an image of him on the wall of the kitchen in subsequent episodes.

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