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Funko Stanley Uris It


Funko Stanley Uris It. From the 2018 version of Stephen King. It is a stylized vinyl figure of Stan. This Funko comes packaged in a display box. With small blobs of blood in the Funko Face .

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Funko Stanley Uris It

Stanley Uris was one of the only Jewish in the school, something which resulted in severe torment from Henry Bowers and the bullies. Not only do the bullies berate Stanley Uris about his religion . Richie constantly jokes and makes fun about it as well. Stanley Uris was a very methodical and mature child, particular about always keeping clean and . He in the 2017 Film suffers from OCD. Stanley is also the most skeptical and fearful of It . He not being able to accept the happenings around him at first and terrified to believe that It is real. He has a very set way of approaching life, so the appearance of It in his life turns everything around and confuses and terrifies him. In the book, he is shown as having a strange sense of humor, telling jokes that the losers don’t understand, because he is an intellectual


Encounter with Pennywise the Clown

The appearance of It for Stanley Uris happens one day when he is bird watching (favorite hobby). He can often be seen with his bird book something that is later used to fight against It . Stanley watching in the park where the Standpipe was. When he looked at the Standpipe, he said that to him it had appeared to be floating. He then heard the door of the Standpipe open, and, curious as to how it could have opened on its own, he decided to venture and take a look. As he ascended the stairs into the Standpipe, he heard footsteps and then saw shadows above him. The door behind him slammed shut. A voice began to call to him, claiming that they were “the dead ones”, as he later found out meant the children that had drowned in the Standpipe. Reaching for his bird book, he began to chant as many names of birds has he could remember, which resulted in the door opening as he chanted more, finally allowing him to go back out into the park. However, when he turned his back, he saw a hand devoid of fingerprints, beckoning for him to come to them.


Stan also has intense difficulty accepted the reality of It targeting the Losers . When Mike brings his father’s photo album of pictures of Derry throughout history. As the group looked through the pictures, the images inside came alive as they did when Bill and Richie had looked through Georgie’s photo album, and Pennywise began to try to harass them. After the book was closed, Stan was unable to deal with what he had just seen. He repeatedly began saying “no” and denying what he had seen, until Bill told him that they had all seen it. Stan says, however, that he did not want to see it.

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