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The acclaimed Tom & Jerry for collectors of series of 1940 arrive some of the best series of all time. This product is a pack that contains Funko Pop! Tom and Jerry Cartoon

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About  Funko Tom and Jerry

This Funko Tom and Jerry made for lovers and followers of cartoons, is made of vinyl, with accurate and precise details that remind us of the famous series of Tom and Jerry. Despite being rivals we can get them together, Tom with a butcher knife in his hand pretending to catch Jerry who has stolen a piece of cheese that also carries in his hand. It is presented in a box with a viewing window.

About Tom and Jerry

They are two animated characters, Tom is an anthropomorphic and domesticated cat with a comfortable life and Jerry is a mouse that lives and bothers in the house where Tom lives. This series was written and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. They began to take place in the studio of Hollywood of Metro Goldwyn Mayer in 1940, soon they followed several studies more to him when closing east. These have won seven Oscars.

About the plot of the chapters

Each plot focuses mainly on Tom’s failed attempts to catch Jerry, and the disaster and destruction that this causes in his wake. At the beginning of each chapter they seem to get along, but immediately Tom begins to pursue Jerry, destroying everything in his path.
Sometimes he chases after the feline’s normal appetite, due to the duty of his owner, who, as a house cat, must catch mice, sometimes for revenge, sometimes to prevent Jerry from reporting something bad that he committed, or for the simple pleasure of tormenting him. Although on many occasions it is noted that one can not be without the other enjoying all this game of persecution.
Tom very rarely succeeds in defeating Jerry, mainly due to the cunning and skill of the mouse, but it is also due to Tom’s stupid conformity. Jerry always stays on the defensive.

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Tom & Jerry




Tom & Jerry

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