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About the Pack:

We are defenders of the night. We are Gargoyles!” Funko is excited to announce Disney’s animated series Gargoyles coming to Pop!.This is the new Funko Pop Gargoyles collection, about the acclaimed Disney series. This collection has 6 common Funko Pop

Character in this Pack:

Goliath: She is the only gargoyle that had a proper name; the humans gave him the name thanks to his fighting skills and his great size. He also has a great capacity for leadership, is very cultured (in some chapters his interest in reading is noted) and requires a very ruthless act to make him lose his mind. Outwardly it is a huge and very muscular purple gargoyle with a completely black mane. Over time Elisa and he are falling in love with each other, but they know that their relationship is impossible. In the past he was Demona’s partner and his great love. Together they had a daughter named Angela.

Demona: It was the companion and partner of Goliath, and his great love, baptized by Macbeth, who got him to join the side of the baddies after feeling that Goliath had betrayed his species along with his great hatred for the human race, for to have betrayed his Clan. But little lasted on the side of Xanatos and would end up separating and initiating a criminal life, and full of hatred towards gargoyles and humans, and always aimed at the destruction of humanity, sometimes alone, sometimes again allied with Xanatos and , other times, inevitably tied to his love / hate partner MacBeth. At the end of the series, Demona would find peace with herself thanks to the only “person” that has managed to reach her heart: her own daughter Angela.

Broadway: is a blue gargoyle and somewhat obese, unlike the others. There is nothing that he likes more than food and although he later learns to read he is illiterate. However, he is an excellent warrior and very kindhearted. The friendship he has with Elisa is deeper than that of his two companions, since he shot him unintentionally at the beginning of the series. At the end of the second season he establishes a relationship with Angela, the daughter of Goliath.

Brooklyn: a red gargoyle with a large white mane, two horns and a long snout. Appointed by Goliath as second in command has sometimes shown his leadership skills, although they have been few. He has a special hatred for Demona since she used him to hex Goliath in a chapter and has a strong bond with the mutants led by Talon, especially with Maggie. During the absence of Goliath (for his trip to Avalon), he is appointed leader of the New York clan by Goliath himself, until his return.

Lexington: the smallest gargoyle of all. Although not bad on the battlefield, his specialty is computer science; he quickly learns to use computers and other technological devices and is also an expert in mechanics, being able to build a motorcycle with spare parts. This has allowed him to be very useful to his clan on many occasions. The anger that Brooklyn feels for Demona is the same that Lexington feels for La Banda, because its members used him once.

Bronx: She is the canine gargoyle that accompanied Goliath and his friends in their missions and, despite their appearance, it was vital on more than one occasion.

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